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Skilled nominated (subclass 489) visa

Visa nomination guidelines subclass 489 (Adobe PDF)  

The skilled nominated (subclass 489) visa is a provisional visa which requires you to live and work in your nominating jurisdiction for at least two years prior to applying for permanent residency.  This visa provides a pathway to permanent residency through the Subclass 887 visa after you have lived for two years and worked at least 12 months in Tasmania.

Nomination assessment processing time and fees

Applications will be processed within 20 working days, provided that all the necessary information is provided in the initial application.  There is no fees for the assessment.

Eligibility requirements

Applicants who have studied for one or more years in Tasmanian and have completed a minimum of 50% of the recognised tertiary qualification in Tasmania and can meet the required points test as set by DIBP.

Those whose nominated occupations are not included on the Tasmanian State Migration Plan – Occupation List (Tasmanian SMP List) but are included on DIBP's Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List will be sponsored as off list nominations.

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Applicants who are in Australia

Those who have occupations on the Tasmanian SMP list, resided in Australia for more than six months and are currently in Australia at the time of application: must have relocated to Tasmania and been employed in their nominated occupation for at least six months post qualification with an on-going appointment, or have owned and been operating a business in Tasmania for at least six months and have demonstrated financial resources to cover employment costs.


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Applicants who are currently outside Australia

Regardless of the current residence location, those who have occupations on the Tasmanian SMP list, more than five years of work experience post qualification and be able to demonstrate strong and genuine interest from a Tasmanian employer and/or strong, substantial and current links to Tasmania.

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