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Support and Resources

Emergency Relief and Assistance

Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment

You may be eligible for the Australian Government’s Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment if you test positive or are a close contact of a case and lose income or earnings because you are directed to isolate. You may also be eligible if you are a carer of someone who has tested positive or who is a close contact.

Find out more from Services Australia by calling 180 2266.
Visit: https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/pandemic-leave-disaster-payment

Pandemic Isolation Assistance Grant

If you cannot access the Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment, you may be eligible for a $750 Tasmanian Government Pandemic Isolation Assistance Grant.

To find out more, ring the Public Health Hotline on 1800 671 738.
Visit: the Coronavirus Tasmanian Government website

PRC Testing

You may be eligible for a $250 Vaccination Payment from the Tasmanian Government if you lose income or earnings to get a COVID-19 vaccination, or because you experienced side effects from a COVID-19 vaccination within three days of being vaccinated.

Ring the Public Health Hotline on 1800 671 738.
Visit: the Coronavirus Tasmanian Government website

COVID-19 At Home Program

You will receive an SMS within 24 hours after registering your positive RAT result or receiving notification of a positive PCR result.  You will be asked if you would like to be enrolled in the COVID@home program. The COVID@home team is available for advice and support if you have tested positive to COVID-19.

To find out more, ring the Public Health Hotline on 1800 671 738.
Visit: the Tasmanian Government Coronavirus website.

COVID Care Package

The COVID Care Package provides assistance to eligible vulnerable Tasmanians and community service organisations. Individuals requiring assistance to access or receive delivery of groceries and essential items, including for babies and children.
medicines and pharmaceuticals, and who (or a family member) are:

  • symptomatic and awaiting a COVID-19 test result
  • are a confirmed COVID-19 case
  • caring for someone who is a confirmed COVID-19 case; or
  • in quarantine because they are a close contact

You may be eligible for the COVID Care Package. The Salvation Army and local community partners will assist with access and delivery of items for eligible recipients.

For more information and to check eligibility, call the Public Health Hotline on 1800 671 738.

COVID-19 and Emergency Business Support Grants and Loans

The Department of State Growth website hosts information on a range of support for Tasmanian business.

You can click on each heading below to read a summary of the program:

COVID-19 Business Impact Support program
COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Self-Test Kit Temporary Supply Register – new
COVID-19 Small Business Advice and Financial Guidance Program

Rapid Response Skills Initiative (RRSI)

The RRSI provides up to $3,000 towards the cost of training for people who have lost their jobs.

For more information, including eligibility, visit the Skills Tasmania website or call 1800 655 846

Rapid Response Skills Matching Service

This is a basic service operated through a recruitment and labour hire company to help businesses and job seekers affected by COVID-19 by matching a job ready worker with industries and businesses. It focusses on services with increasing job demand (health and related services, transport and logistics, retails) but can be accessed by any business needing staff.

All persons who hold a visa that allows them to work in Tasmania are eligible for this service.

For more information, go to https://www.searsonbuck.com.au/page/contact-us/rapidresponse/


Australian Red Cross

Migration Support Emergency Relief

Australian Red Cross is providing emergency relief to people on temporary visas in Tasmania in 2022 who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Temporary Visa Holder including Asylum Seekers and Uncertain Visa holders.

Applications are assessed based on vulnerability and need.

How to apply: Please apply via the Red Cross online portal.
Before your application you will need to prepare these documents:

* Evidence of your visa status eg. passport number

* Latest bank document showing your account name, BSB and account number and transactions.

If you are uncertain or do not have a valid visa right now, you can still apply and Red Cross will contact you to discuss your application.

When will I be contacted?

There is a high volume of applications at this time and a staff member will be in contact as soon as possible. To speak to a caseworker directly about your application or situation, call (03) 6235 6008.

What if I do not meet the hardship criteria?

A caseworker will contact you to inform of other services offering financial and casework support and offer practical assistance.

Australian Red Cross

Family and Domestic Violence

Financial Assistance Program for Temporary Visa Holders

This program can support people who are:

  • Temporary visas or uncertain visa status
  • Experiencing or at risk of family or domestic violence
  • Experiencing financial hardship

Support offered could include:

  • Financial Assistance
  • Casework support
  • Referrals to other organisations

How to apply

  • Apply on-line
  • Information on this page is also   available in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese (simplified, Farsi, Hazaragi, Hindi, Malay, Nepali, Punjabi, Russian, Sinhalese, Spanish, Tamil, Tagalog and Urdu.)
  • Downloadable and shareable flyers about   Family and Domestic Violence Financial Assistance Program, are also available   in these languages.

For more information

Multicultural Council of Tasmania (MCOT)

MCOT is providing:

  • Grants to ethnic organisations state-wide
  • Support for grant applications is available
  • Referral to Emergency Relief services
  • Mental Health and crisis counselling referrals to Red Cross and Phoenix Centreü

How to apply

Multicultural Council of Tasmania
Email: office@mcot.org.au
Phone: 6170 9196

CatholicCare Tasmania

Emergency Relief

ER limits and type may vary based on needs assessment at intake appointment.

Assistance to apply for government grants, services and programs
Food voucher
Petrol voucher
Chemist voucher
Vouchers (other) 
Part payment of outstanding account 

How to apply: Support available in the South, North and North-West (Statewide)
Email: TVH.support@aohtas.org.au
Phone: 1800 819 447

On-arrival registration

Welcome to Tasmania! We are really pleased to have you here!

If you have just arrived in Tasmania you must register your arrival to Tasmania to validate your obligation and commitment. Registration of your arrival also enables Migration Tasmania to keep you up to date on information, news, events and services available to you to assist you in your settlement.

Please register your arrival in Tasmania, the grant of your visa by Home Affairs or of any changes to your circumstances by sending an email to Migration Tasmania and provide the following information:
* Nomination application number (SM–000000-000000)
* Main applicant name (full name)
* A copy of your visa grant notice

Career Coaching Online Learning Modules

In partnership with Migrant Resource Centre Tasmania and Study Tasmania, Migration Tasmania has produced a new set of Career Coaching Online Learning Modules to support the employment of state nominated migrants.

If you are currently looking for a job or to improve your job seeking skills, as a state nominated migrant you now have free access to these Career Coaching sessions in which Dr David O’Halloran will lead you through finding a job in Tasmania.

The course will cover:

  • networking
  • LinkedIn
  • finding jobs
  • transferrable skills
  • Résumé/CV
  • selection criteria
  • cover letters
  • interview preparation
  • interviews
  • career planning

Your Career Coach

Dr David O’Halloran is an occupational therapist who has delivered and managed employment services for 30 years. He recently completed a PhD research about Australian employment services and has published relevant research. He acknowledges the process is hard – and has real-world job finding tips for recent arrivals to Tasmania.

What the course involves

The course was designed with the feedback from migrant job seekers to meet the real needs of the skilled migrants.

It is based around:

  • Flexibility through 4-hour self-paced learning.
  • Effectiveness through a self-checkup quiz.
  • Support through access to a dedicated LinkedIn learning group.

What you will get out of it

By doing the Career Coaching Online Learning course you can expect a better understanding of:

  1. Mind-set and motivation so it supports you during your job search.
  2. Understanding of the Tasmanian labour market.
  3. Job search skills by practical tips for your getting the job you want.

Ready to start?

Open the portal https://learning.mrctas.org.au/

Create your account with your enrolment key 2021@m1grant!

Complete your learning within 10 weeks

Other Tips

  • Register for Migrant Resource Centre’s Career Coaching group.
  • Attend Migrant Network meet ups.
  • Explore work experience opportunities through the Migrant Resource Centre
  • Explore the Industry Insights of info hub: www.migrantnetworktas.org.au/
  • Participate in the LinkedIn group: linkedin.com/groups/13788771/

Need Help?

Call Migrant Resource Centre Tasmania on 03 6221 0999 or email migrant.network@mrctas.org.au

Employment information hub

Industry Insights & Migrant Talent

Help to Establish Your Career in Tasmania

Migration Tasmania has funded Migrant Resource Centre Tasmania on establishing the following employability information hub.
It provides you with updated industry information and skills for your career planning and job hunting.


Small Business Owners

Australian Taxation Office (ATO) offers a range of free in-language resources and support to help with your business settlement in Tasmania.

Tax time essentials in 18 languages

  • How to get ready to do your tax return checklist
  • Important information for your 2021-22 tax return
  • Protect your personal information
  • Good record keeping makes tax time easier
  • Occupation and work-related expense guides

The following video links with assist you to create a myGov account and link it to the ATO, available in:
English, Cantonese, Hindi, Mandarin, Punjabi, Urdu, Thai, Vietnamese and Korean

Foreign income and residency fact sheets – Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese

Cryptocurrency and tax – in Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese

Help for your first tax time audio guide – in Arabic, Cantonese, Dari, Farsi, Mandarin and Nepali

Starting and managing a small business

These episodes are also available through Apple PodcastsStitcher and Spotify too for ease of listening.

In language podcasts:

Community voices video series

Other resources and support

There are a range of free resources and support available to help with your settlement in Tasmania.


Tenancy advice and support is available at Tenants Union of Tasmania.
Housing assistance for Tasmanians needs is available at Housing Tasmania.
Information about property agents is available at Property Agents Board of Tasmania.


Job opportunities are available at JobActive.
Information about pathways to employment is available at Safe Haven Hub.
Information on entrepreneurship and employment is available at Multicultural Economic Participation Forum.

Safety and Justice

Please contact Equal Opportunities Tasmania if you have encountered an unpleasant experience such as discrimination, prejudice, or bias.
Please contact Fair Work Ombudsman if you have encountered unfair treatment in the workplace.
Please visit the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority if you need visa advice.
Please contact the Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania for legal advice.

Health and Wellbeing

Free 24/7 health advice is available at Healthdirect.
Mental wellbeing support is available at Lifeline and Beyond Blue.
Bilingual mental health assistance is available at Bilingual Mental Health Support Service and Embrace Mental Health.
Tailored and holistic mental health support for 12-25 year olds is available at Headspace.


Information about government schools is available at Government Education and Training International (GETI).
Information about independent schools is available at Independent School Tasmania.
Information about vocational courses is available at TasTAFE.
Information about higher education is available at University of Tasmania.


Subscribe to Migrant Network email list for Tasmanian tips, stories, and opportunities.
Visit Migrant Resource Centre for settlement service and support in Northern Tasmania.
Keep track of Multicultural Council of Tasmania for information on multicultural events and activities.
Visit Catholic Care Tasmania for information on multicultural services.
Contact Northern Tasmania Development Corporation (NTDC) if you have interests in living or doing business in Northern Tasmania.

Last updated on 7 February 2022