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Migration Tasmania

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Settlement Resources and Support

On-arrival registration

Welcome to Tasmania! We are really pleased to have you here!

If you have just arrived in Tasmania you must register your arrival to Tasmania to validate your obligation and commitment. Registration of your arrival also enables Migration Tasmania to keep you up to date on information, news, events and services available to you to assist you in your settlement.

Please register your arrival in Tasmania, the grant of your visa by Home Affairs or of any changes to your circumstances by sending an email to Migration Tasmania and provide the following information:
* Nomination application number (SM–000000-000000)
* Main applicant name (full name)
* A copy of your visa grant notice

Settlement information webinars

To help you make your temporary or permanent home in Tasmania, Migration Tasmania works with service providers to provide Information Webinars which can assist you with many of the issues you may have in settlement. There are opportunities to ask presenter questions in the webinar.

Note: event will be cancelled if registrations are fewer than 5 people.

For other webinars relating to the Tasmanian Skilled Migration Program please click here.

Upcoming webinars with dates yet to be confirmed:
* Topic: Driving License and Road Safety
* Topic: Entrepreneurship
* Topic: Training and Education
* Topic: Housing Issues (Renting and buying properties)

Employment information hub

Industry Insights & Migrant Talent

Help to Establish Your Career in Tasmania

Migration Tasmania has funded Migrant Resource Centre Tasmania on establishing the following employability information hub.
It provides you with updated industry information and skills for your career planning and job hunting.

Other resources and support

There are a range of free resources and support available to help with your settlement in Tasmania.


Tenancy advice and support is available at Tenants Union of Tasmania.
Housing assistance for Tasmanians needs is available at Housing Tasmania.
Information about property agents is available at Property Agents Board of Tasmania.


Job opportunities are available at JobActive.
Information about pathways to employment is available at Safe Haven Hub.
Information on entrepreneurship and employment is available at Multicultural Economic Participation Forum.

Safety and Justice

Please contact Equal Opportunities Tasmania if you have encountered an unpleasant experience such as discrimination, prejudice, or bias.
Please contact Fair Work Ombudsman if you have encountered unfair treatment in the workplace.
Please visit the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority if you need visa advice.
Please contact the Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania for legal advice.

Health and Wellbeing

Free 24/7 health advice is available at Healthdirect.
Mental wellbeing support is available at Lifeline and Beyond Blue.
Bilingual mental health assistance is available at Bilingual Mental Health Support Service and Embrace Mental Health.
Tailored and holistic mental health support for 12-25 year olds is available at Headspace.


Information about government schools is available at Government Education and Training International (GETI).
Information about independent schools is available at Independent School Tasmania.
Information about vocational courses is available at TasTAFE.
Information about higher education is available at University of Tasmania.


Subscribe to Migrant Network email list for Tasmanian tips, stories, and opportunities.
Visit Migrant Resource Centre for settlement service and support in Northern Tasmania.
Keep track of Multicultural Council of Tasmania for information on multicultural events and activities.
Visit Catholic Care Tasmania for information on multicultural services.
Contact Northern Tasmania Development Corporation (NTDC) if you have interests in living or doing business in Northern Tasmania.