Check that you meet the minimum Tasmanian nomination requirements and that you are eligible to apply.

There are different nomination pathways and each has different requirements and priority attributes that will determine your pass colour.

Details of minimum requirements and priority attributes for each nomination pathway are on this website. You can also use the Migration Tasmania Skilled Nomination Eligibility Checker to help you find the most suitable pathway for your situation and to check which priority attributes you may have.

Tasmanian Skilled Employment Pathway

For skilled migrants employed in their skills assessment area.


Tasmanian Skilled Graduate Pathway

For Tasmanian Graduates who have completed at least two years full-time study with a Tasmanian CRICOS registered education provider.


Tasmanian Established Resident Pathway

For skilled migrants who are employed and have lived in Tasmania for at least the last three years.

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Overseas Applicant (Health Sector Job Offer) Pathway

For health and allied health professionals living outside Australia who have received a job offer in Tasmania that is closely related to their skills assessment.


This page was last updated on 1 July 2023